Custom Home Design using 3D Models, Renderings, and Virtual Reality

August 16, 2022

Energy Efficiency


In a matter of a few years the way that we design homes has changed immensely. Home design is no longer drawing two dimensional lines and flat renderings, it has evolved into manipulating three dimensional models and life like renderings. Designing in 3D is an entirely new way to design a home; Designers can observe the home come together with each element they place, decreasing the opportunity for mistakes and increasing the attention to detail. Models and renderings allow designers to preview the livability and efficiency of a home and see details that may have previously gone unnoticed. The visual 3D elements not only simplify the process for designers, homeowners can now effortlessly see their dream home become a reality.

A home needs to be designed to reflect the lifestyles of those who live within it. With the help of these new design tools homeowners can now be confident that they will enjoy every space in their home. It can be hard to visualize yourself in a space when looking at home plans or models on a computer screen, now with virtual reality homeowners can experience their home before it is built. Virtual reality is an invaluable tool that allows homeowners to experience the true size of each room, the sightlines in common spaces, the views from windows along with many other important details of their home. A panoramic photo taken from the build location can be previewed in the model in order to show that the view has been maximized from every perspective in the home. Virtual reality improves spatial awareness for users, allowing precise changes to be made that improve the overall design.

A home designed using these new methods is well-thought-out and leaves little room for error while minimizing changes on-site. The design of a home starts with the property, views, and location. We use detailed visual solar studies in the preliminary design stages to ensure optimal orientation and placement of the home, the same simulation is used again to arrange windows, doors and overhangs.

a modern home rendering with a mix of dark and natural composite materials

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