Solar Study

August 16, 2022

Energy Efficiency

What is a solar study?

A Solar Study helps us show you how natural light will impact your building design. First, we create a 3D model of your home. Then, we adjust the sun to represent different scenarios throughout the year to show you exactly where light and shadows will fall both on the interior and exterior of your building.

Why is this so useful?

There are numerous reasons to increase the level of natural light in your home. Health benefits, energy costs, and environmental considerations are just a few. Conducting a solar study allows us to ensure that the natural light on your lot is maximized.

But what if my lot has low light levels?

We have the experience and knowledge to elevate the level of natural light in your floor plans. Particularly with modern home design, technological advancements allow us to keep your home light and bright.

Small changes to building design can have a huge impact on the amount of natural light in your home. A solar study allows us to identify areas of opportunity and change them in real time while you watch. For example, if you have planned a breakfast nook and want to prioritize its light levels, we can explore the effect of removing or extending the wall in the kitchen can do to brighten the breakfast nook area.

Tubular skylights can provide up to 150 square feet of light coverage inside your home; a few brands we’ve worked with before are Velux and Solatube. They work by gathering light from the sun and funneling it into the reflective tunnel. This turns normally unavailable sunlight into a bright, white, natural light that will illuminate your space. These tubular skylights are cost-effective as they do not require dedicated framing, and can even be added after construction is complete. Talk to us if you’re looking to renovate and are considering tubular skylight.