Stock Plans. When are they best used?

August 16, 2022

Building Codes

Stock home plans are a convenient and economical design option for homeowners and home builders. The simplicity of most stock plans can result in a lower build cost which is something both homeowners and contractors can appreciate. Another reason some clients favour the stock plans is that there is often little to no wait time to receive their plans, allowing them to apply for their building permit right away. There are also many design firms across the world offering large selections of practical home plans to choose from.

Although stock plans can be convenient, consumers must be especially careful when choosing where to buy their stock plans. The building code and construction practices vary across the world; hence stock plans should be purchased from a local design firm that is familiar with the regional regulations and construction methods. Buyers must also question the quality of the plans as sometimes stock plans can be carelessly thrown together with little detail shown as to how the construction of the home will be accomplished. In this case a contractor would not be able to build from the plans and the money paid will have been a waste.

Stock plans are designed to be a one size fits most and there is less attention to detail than there is in a custom design. The simplicity of the plans can make building stock homes one of the more profitable options for builders. However, homeowners often have difficulties finding a stock plan that encompasses what they want in a home. In many cases stock plans can be modified but if the modifications are extensive the cost can add up and reduce the affordability of the plan.
An alternative worth considering in this case is having a custom home design created to take best advantage of your property and that exactly matches your family needs.